What this mission is all about

On October 1, 2020, The Candy Machine™ — the device believed to have magical powers, from which all Halloween candy ultimately originates — was stolen from The Candy Factorium™ (owned by none other than soul proprietor, Lolli Poppi), thereby putting this coming Halloween in jeopardy of not happening at all and likely ever again.

Eyewitnesses have reported that the bad guy is a deeply shadowy, slippery figure with glowing, beady eyes and perhaps a single, large fang in his mouth. And that he’s unusually quick. And may have extra limbs.

Not only that: Turns out he’s apparently attempted similar but different capers recently in far away places — but none this nasty or downright lousy!

And then there’s this: Peculiar as it is, no one has ever actually seen this creature up close. So, really, he might not even exist. But we have to assume he does.

One last thing: Despite the lack of solid evidence or background records, it’s commonly accepted that he goes by the odd name of … Bugaboo.

Celebrated private klown detektive firm Tryck & Treet was first on the scene the night of the crime — and as such, its two finest and only employees, Detektive Klown Kops Boenobo and Tippy, were immediately deputized by the World Space Headquarters to track down the villainous Bugaboo.

This is the tale they’re living to tell … so far. With the help of their superpowered circus friends and good citizens such as yourself, they will see justice done by October 31st, and Halloween WILL happen!

We MUST figure out who this Bugaboo is, and we MUST stop him before it’s Too Late!
Ready? Good – let’s go:

Exhibit A

Bugaboo drawings submitted by Deputy Sketch Artist, Axel M.