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Is This a Family-Friendly Event?

Yes indeed! All ages are welcome, and we’ve got lots of opportunities lined up over the next two weeks leading into Halloween night for kids (young and old) to get involved with the search for BugaBoo.

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What Exactly Is Going On Here?

‘Who Is Bugaboo?’ is the story of a handful of superhero-ish circus friends combining forces to track down a mysterious, mischievous creature called ‘BugaBoo’ who has stolen The Candy Machine™, which we all know fuels Halloween itself, and thus must be recovered.

The madcap story of that pursuit will be shared across the last two weeks of October, culminating in a 2-part live-action-cartoon comedy/mystery movie broadcast on Halloween night, Saturday, October 31, 2020, starting at 6pm (PST), via a big ole live-hosted, interactive Zoom event.

That same Zoom event will also enable ticket holders and their family / friends to showcase and share their own tricked out homes and costumes with other attendees before, during and after the show as part of our Heebie Jeebie Haunted Funhouse.

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Who IS BugaBoo?

THAT remains to be seen … we’re not quite sure, and nobody really knows. But information collected so far suggests that BugaBoo is a shadowy villainous monster of a creature, who witnesses say stole The Candy Machine, which of course puts Halloween itself at risk of not happening.

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Who’s putting this event’s production?

‘Who Is BugaBoo?’ is brought to you by Airship Works, a San Francisco Bay Area-based adventure and event production company. Cast and crew’s comprised of members of Circus Metropolus, Wooden Nickel Circus, Vau de Vire Society, and Cirque du Soleil.

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What kind of interactivity is involved?

Two parts to the interactivity:

In preparation for Halloween night’s live-streamed ‘Who Is BugaBoo?’ main event, we’ll be releasing instructions and workshops on prop-building, art projects, superhero training, etc., across the next two weeks for those brave souls who want to participate from afar in the search for BugaBoo — no ticket is required for this level of deputization, but why not? Tickets are FREE.

When you get a ticket for Halloween night’s live-streamed main event, the above applies, AND …

You’re given a Secret Key to join our Zoom session either as a live participant in our Heebie Jeebie Haunted Funhouse or anonymously, WHERE …

You will ALSO gain access to the frontest of front-row seats for our live-hosted interactive live-action comedy/mystery circus adventure report movie (say THAT five times fast, we dare ya!), Who Is BugaBoo?, which will detail the pursuit of BugaBoo by our exquisite team of circus friends.

How do I get a ticket?

Get a ticket here – no cost, just supply an email address — and please consider donating to support the production. Only one ticket required per household to get into the Zoom session. We’ll email all ticket holders the links to the ‘Who Is BugaBoo?’ Zoom event session by noon on October 31, 2020. If you miss any or all of the show, your ticket ensures access until November 30, 2020.

How do we prepare for Halloween night’s show?

If you’re keen on joining us and participating in Halloween night’s show, you first need to get a free ticket. If you want to include your home camera feed in the Zoom session (versus remaining anonymous), we encourage you to trick out your room, dial in your Halloween costumes, and have your props at the ready. Go here if you need help getting your Zoom together. With your ticket you’ll also get access to our virtual 3D BizarBazaar exploratorium where you can travel throughout to buy merch, visit performer and venue sites, and indulge in other surprise sights and sounds.

What’s the flow of the show?

We’ll open the BizarBazaar at noon on October 31st. The adventure-report main event Zoom show starts at 7pm. The first half runs about 20 minutes, followed by a 15-minute intermission with live music and BizarBazaaring, then the second half, which runs about 20 minutes as well. Our DJs will close out the night with a dance party via the same Zoom session until 8pm, so you have additional time to boogie, check out the other Heebie Jeebie Haunted Funhouse participants, and visit the BizarBazaar.

Where do I park?

Depending on your physical location, you can either park in your garage, your driveway, the street in front of your place, or somewhere nearby.

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