Here’s what we’re gonna do

As you’ve probably heard, rather than trust science, common sense, and reality, the klown detektives of Tryck & Treet typically choose to blaze their own trails to justice based on semi-educated guesswork, questionable intuition, and occasional scissors-rocks-paper matches.

And, of course, there are the leads and tips collected from super-secret sources we would never ever expose, including the three-eyed fortune teller Mykeesee.

Based on these alternative resources, we confidently may or may not know where BugaBoo is going, where he’ll end up, or what his intentions are for The Candy Machine.

Thus, as leaders of the mission, Tryck & Treat have taken it upon themselves to simplify the plan handed down by Whirled Space Headquarters like so:

Original Plan

The Plan - before

New Plan

The Plan - after

While the latest information coming in suggests that the single straight line above isn’t entirely accurate, it’s almost better than nothing, and we can all work with that.

Our secret sources, in the meantime, have made it vaguely clear that all four elements — earth, air, fire, and water —  will play important roles in our pursuit (?!), and that we’ll likely travel to exotic places and meet exotic people. Speaking of which…